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Each cargo load is uniquely important

With over 750 towing units, we are more than ready.


Whether you need swap body transport, temperature-controlled food distribution, specialised transport, express delivery, or standardised partial or full load shipment, we have the vehicle you need, with all the necessary equipment.

we have the vehicle you need, with all the necessary equipment. Thanks to our comprehensive logistics service network, we always find the best solution, even if your requirements are unusual.

In a world where network systems and things like just-in-time delivery are gaining momentum, the cornerstones of a modern vehicle fleet have swiftly become reliability, quality, and efficiency. 

The average age of our vehicles is under 2.5 years. All vehicles fully comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard and are equipped with the latest safety technology and state-of-the-art telematics.

Swap body transport

German Freight Forwarder (BDF) vehicles
with different equipment

  • ADR equipment
  • Collapsible lifting platform
  • High-speed hydraulics for swap body yard management (shunt vehicles)
  • Load securing equipment

Food distribution

Articulated trucks

  • Up to 36 pallet spaces
  • Lifting platform
  • Loading capability
  • Mobile partitions
  • Strip curtains

Semi-trailer trucks:

  • Between 21 and 33 pallet spaces
  • Lifting platform
  • Mobile partitions
  • Strip curtains

Vehicles fitted for:

  • Chilled goods
  • Frozen goods
  • Different temperatures
  • Dry goods

Specialised transport of foam materials and industrial goods

Special semi-trailers for foam materials

  • with up to 240 m3 capacity, thanks to hydraulic compression technology (double-compression trailers)


Tautliners – semi-trailer trucks 

  • with a continuous internal height of 2.70 m and up to 34 pallet spaces