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The company

Pflaum, a family-owned business based out of Strullendorf, near Bamberg, has been operating across Germany since 1980. The company is active in three business segments: transport, logistics, and lorry services. With over 1,300 employees and 950 lorries, we ensure that operations run smoothly 24 hours a day.

With its headquarters in Strullendorf, near Bamberg, the family-owned Pflaum has been a major player in the transport and logistics industry since 1980. A total area of 150,000 m² spread between numerous locations across Germany helps to guarantee both high capacity and maximum flexibility. Over 1,300 employees and 950 lorries ensure that operations run smoothly, transporting vast quantities of all different cargo types around the clock. 

The Group's core strengths consist of swap body transport, food distribution, and the specialised transport of foam materials. We also make sure, with the help of our lorry washes and authorised Scania workshop, that our fleet of vehicles receive nothing less than impeccable maintenance.

Our portfolio speaks for itself, with:

  • first-rate transport services
  • integrated solutions in warehouse logistics
  • an outstanding lorry service


The company was founded as a courier and express delivery service in 1980 by Rainer and Rita Pflaum. A few years later, the founders decided to move the company to an industrial estate in Strullendorf, where they quickly became established. 1990 saw a restructuring of the transport sector with regard to heavy-duty lorries, a move that instantly made Strullendorf a more desirable location. Within a year, thanks to a large order volume, we opened our first branch in Lampertswalde, Saxony. But the founders also wanted to enter the world of logistics. To make this a reality, in the early 1990s, they built their first warehouse at the Strullendorf base, which had an area of 1,200 m². A second branch, this time in Weißenhorn, near Neu-Ulm, followed soon thereafter, in 1994.

To meet the requirements of our rapidly expanding fleet of lorries, an authorised Scania workshop, SKS GmbH & Co. KG, was founded in 1997.

Towards the end of the 1990s, we opened our third branch in Speyer, and expanded the logistics area at our Strullendorf site to 8,000 m². Following the acquisition of branches in Queis and Cochem, emphasis was placed firmly on the expansion of head office into an adequate piece of infrastructure for a transport company. We also put our first company filling station and lorry wash into operation, allowing our vehicles to refuel on site and maintain a clean and orderly appearance at all times.

The business also expanded into Saxony, and after relocating to Großenhain, we gained access to an operating area of 13,000 m², housed in a former aircraft hangar.

Meanwhile, the expansion of the logistics area in Strullendorf continued to pick up steam. In 2010, an extra 3,000 m² of warehouse space was built, followed in 2013 by the construction of a new 9,000 m² logistics hub. One year after the hub was built, we turned our eye to renovating the company's administrative offices, which had been busy keeping up with our rapid expansion. By the end, we had extended the office space and work environment for our administrative staff from 800 m² to 2,000 m².

In 2015, the Speyer site saw some necessary expansion. By relocating to the Parkstadt am Rhein industrial estate, we were able to obtain an operating area of 25,000 m². The following year, Pflaum received an award from Scania for its 1,000th lorry. An important step was also taken as regards company succession, with daughters Rita Pflaum and Ruth Pflaum being given shares.

After years of sustained growth, we still strive today to make our future as successful as our past.